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Enroll at mid-term? 

Certainly, please contact us through -

  1. This form (tap in)


  3. 0401628414

Trial lesson? 

You may book online use this link (tap in)

Anything to bring to the class? 

  1. A water bottle for hydration

  2. A smock or old clothing to avoid stains on important outfit.


The fee for a term? 

Please check here - (click)

What's the size of the class? 

8 students maximum.

Offer make-up classes? 

Make-up classes are not guaranteed for personal absences, yet it may be possible to arrange one after an assessment.

* With the condition of not impacting other students' learning quality.

Can I enroll my child to an older/younger group? 

Please contact us through either -

  1. This form (tap in)


Where is the classroom? 

Upstairs - Red meeting room.

Occasionally, in MP3 room. (next to meeting room.)

PCYC (Hornsby)

About the instructor? (Jin) 

You may learn more about our instructor through this link (tap in)

How many sessions in one term? 

8 sessions per school term, 1 session per week.

*usually scheduled at week 2 to week 9.

Should I stay with my child in class? 

This is a drop-off class.

please ensure that the child is able to cope with the class independently.

Are there school holiday programs? 

Please check with PCYC reception for more details. (before October)

Any art program designed for teens or adults? 

Yes, we are organizing it at the moment, thank you for showing your interests and please stay tuned.

What are we doing in the workshop/art club? 

The knowledge of support students in learning what & how illustrators, artisans, or artists developing projects.

if you are interested in learning more about our approach, please check below -

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