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Term-Based Art Classes

8 sessions a term
PCYC HORNSBY (Meeting Room & Mp3 Room)

The courses (Workshop & Art Club) will include at least 2 main subjects and 1 bonus subject per term, as follows:

Drawing (Sketch & Illustration)
Painting (Watercolor & Acrylic)
Sculpting & Modelling (Air-hardening Clay)
Mixed Media (Mixed diverse materials.)

Children aged 9 and above will be engaged with advanced lesson plans, they may also be permitted to self-direct their own projects with minimal teacher involvement after assessments.

For younger students, Aged 5-6,will be begin with Art Material Games instead of specific projects as a more suitable learning approach, considering that this age group is typically in the playful exploration stage.

(To participate in all three subjects, full course attendance is required.)


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