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About the Instructor

My name is Jin,

I'm an illustrator, experienced in - 

acrylic painting, watercolor, air-hardening clay, digital art & mixed media.


- Bachelor of Fine Arts at Tunghai university

2023 - present:

Instructing at :

  • TaleTinkers Art Studio (Waitara)

  • Wonderlab Art Studio (Killara)


Primary approach

The lesson plans I (Jin) designed are mostly self-directed projects, drawing from my years of experiences on multiple materials and tools.

These projects can be quite in-depth, young learners often require several practice sessions and guidance throughout the process, particularly students aged 5-6 or those with limited experience with materials - such as clay and paint.

My lesson plans are designed around these area -

  1. Materials/tool usage

  2. Workbench habits

  3. Studio mindset

The knowledge of support students in learning what & how illustrators, artisans, or artists developing projects.

To be ready for practicing projects in the workshop, engaging in material playing and receiving guidance from the instructor would be very helpful.

The ideas can be:

  • Cracks in the clay must be fixed using a bit of water, otherwise the finished project could be very fragile

  • Avoid adding too much water to the clay, as it will melt and disappear, also our hands and the workbench will get too messy.

  • Paint must be completely dry before applying a second layer, otherwise the paint will got mixed up and that is often the outcome we want to avoid.

  • Rough sketches for idea (project) performing.

These habits often need to be repeated and reminded multiple times before the students develop proper "workbench habits" inside their mind, particularly ages 5-8.


So it is best to let the child engage with these programs regularly if you would like to see the educational benefits of the plans.

These workbench habits may not be visible, yet they would be very helpful of minimizing frustrations in child's future creations. Additionally, these habits can have a good impact on their development as artists and illustrators into adulthood.


Finished projects require a full term (8 sessions) to be fully showcased as a set.

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